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  1. Well congratulations...

    Woodward is great, I wish I could spend a week there!!! He got to go again in february, he was determined to drop into the vert ramp (that beast is 13.5' high for a little guy it looks pretty giant). So he got to WW, climbed up to the top of the ramp and dropped in and killed it doing front and backside airs. He ended up skating it all day, got tons of props and made some hookups that got him into a private vert ramp (the only one in the bay area). I think he likes going vert and skating bowls over street...

    And your boy? I'd love to see some video of him if you have some...
  2. Kind of lame, but I just figured out I had this message....sorry :)
    Good job at Woodward! Do you guys like Woodward? We have not been yet. Maybe this summer.
    It is funny, I worked in Tehachapi for 3 years out of college (my family owned a biz up there). it is an x sports destination.
    My boy is skating daily & getting ready for "comp season" around here.
  3. Hey.just wondering how your boy has been doing? My little one just took 3rd at the casl championships at woodward!!! Keep up the good work skatedad!!!
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