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  1. Let's just put it this way...I bought my ticket from SFO to PSP the day the announced the festival dates...I'm really ready!!! luckily this year I might not have to buy tix...a friend of mine who's coming with me this year is friends with a GV offilliate and will be flowing the 3 day pass w/vip our way...but I can't count on that till it's in hand...but for someone who's been going for so many years that's a great 10 yr bday present for me...
  2. Yeah I live about 10 minutes from Camarillo. Wow I havent heard Sevendust for about 8 years, so I'm on their myspace right now hah. I was checking my user CP and didnt even realize you could add friends on here, so I sent some out to some of level-headed cool people on the board. Are you ready to book it out there or want to see what the line ups like first?
  3. what the hell am i talking about your in camarillo or something not san jose!!! I'm tripp'n but either way hayyyy...
  4. hey little one thanks for the request...I was down in your hood last night at the event center...went to see a few friends who play in a band called sevendust...not my scene but good people!!! ;)
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