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  1. I'll be working. I can go out at night if you wanna plan something and your welcome to stay at my pad.
    You can come and go as you please while I'm at work. There is a lake within walking distance, three other lakes within a half hour mountain drive, Big Bear and Arrowhead villages, four ski resorts within a half hour.
    LA is an hour away. If you stay somewhere in LA or Hollywood I can meet you any night and hang out.
    Just let me know what your plans are and I'll make some time. Get my phone number from my Facebook page and text me.
  2. What are you doing 3/21 - 3/23? I want to come visit bro. I'll hook you up with all of the sick adult untz-isms at that time. If you are buried with work and shit, I'll figure out another way to make you untz-aware.
  3. Bwommmmppppp daddda bowmpppppp sadda bwommpppppp kreeeee bwbwbwbwbbwbwbwbooommaaaaa bwompa kreeee bwbwoowbowosowosoowomp
  4. vE-dEE-vE-wAH-WaH. lEMMe see ya vlingvanshine.

  5. I need your impression of major lazer to make me smile lol
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