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  1. I am an arborist. I run a tree care company here now. I will see what I can find out about Pete.
  2. Pete had a masonry business and yes he has tons of family in the area. Your an arborist??? My grandfather used to own a tree trimming company in coachella for many years he retired from the business way before I was born.
  3. I don't think so. Her dad was a repo man. I don't remember him as the skydiving type. Maybe he has a brother.
  4. does she have a brother??? The nunez's are long time family friends of my Dad. He and pete grew up together and were skydiving fiends...I may have to look them up and combine a visit with them for the upcoming festival :)
  5. I grew up in North Indio, a few houses away from Jessica Nunez. I don't know her Dad's name though.
  6. You live in La Quinta...any chance you know a "Pete Nunez"...(he has a few kids our age)I know it's a small community over there but just thought I'd ask...
  7. Thanks for being my friend. The snow is in Montana.
  8. Thanks for the friends request...I could use a few cheesier friends!!! The snow in your pics looks great...I haven't seen snow like that since I briefly lived in the PNW...Enjoy~
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