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  1. No nothing like that!!! It just looks like so much fun and way up my alley. This is something I definitely want to go to in the future
  2. Jealousy hurts my feelings cuddle bear!!!
  3. I'm really fucking jealous about *********
  4. You are in heaven at the main stage friday...your bitch ass better call me...I know my 3 is on this page somewhere!!!
  5. Ahhhhh!!! Dude, I hope and pray I don't miss them on friday. I'm not buying my ticket cause I'm supposedly on the guestlist as someone's one of + 2 and he usually goes in late. I'm hoping to convince him to go in early on friday!!! We have to hook up for that show!!! 650.219.5764 xoxoxoxooo

    And why am I on crutches...I fell down some stairs and sprained both my ankles...I'm working on recovery today is my first day without the crutches but I need them when my ankles start to feel weak...keep your fingers crossed that I don't have to bring them to chella with me!!!
  6. 1st of all, what happened to you? Why are you in crutches?!?!!?!? I hope all is well by coachella. And 2nd of all, I'm sooo jealous!!!!!! I would've launched myself on top of him!

    No but seriously, I get so starstrucked I probably would've only been able to squeak something. Thats such a great fucking story. If anyone knows how excited I am for them at Coachella, it's you. I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT
  7. I forgot to tell you...So last friday night I ventured off to go see Dan Auerbach and hobbled into the venue with 2 sprained ankles and on crutches looking like a total gimp...grant it the injury happened the day before. The show was great Dan KILLED it, we had a blast and the venue treated me kindly by giving me a SYC raised table so I could see above the crowd and let me access the kitchen to get to a closer bathroom and let me use the side backdoor for easier access and a shorter hobble out to the street. So on my way out of the venue after the show, I'm gimping out of the kitchen and here comes Dan and the members of The Haciendas...I turned and looked at him with a giant sincere smile all pie eyed and said Thhhhhaaaaaannnkkk you soooooo mmmmmuuuuuchhhh!!! He smiled softly closed his eyes and said "thank you and your very welcome"!!! I thought you would love to hear that little story....

    Yayyy, I hope my ankles are good for coachella!!!
  8. oh did I treat myself to some itunes the other day...two of which are magic potion and the rubber factory :)
  9. K...I haven't check'd my profile lately but just saw your msg...ah honey, don't sweat it, I know conflicts can be killer but really it's all about what your feeling at that moment...who ever else is conflicting that you want to see at that time spot may sway you to the TBK's or may sway you to the conflicting stage...which ever it is that is where you are meant to be at that moment!!!
  10. I'm so so so so so so so nervous and scared and worried about who the black keys will conflict with
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