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  1. Hi there,

    So just to clear things up. If my girlfriend and I only have GA passes and no specific camping pass, are we allowed to bring a tent and pitch up on your site, or do we have to try and get a camping pass from somewhere. I understand I would have to get a car companion pass or park elsewhere. My friends went the first weekend and managed to get a car companion pass at the gate.

    Still really keen to jump on your site if that's cool. Will be willing to split the costs of your site too. However I myself won't be getting there till late on thursday night or perhaps Friday morning. Let me know if this is going to be a problem and how would we get around this.

    I'm supposed to be staying in a condo with some friends but am not too keen on the whole shuttle to and from the festival. Plus my chick and I really want to experience the whole camping atmosphere.

    Andy Hamilton
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