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  1. Bummer! Sorry we missed each other again:-( If we go next year it will be weekend 1 definitely. This year we just had lots of headaches but being able to camp together really made a great difference! I will shout out at you earlier next year. We are doing Burning Man this summer and are pretty excited about that but it is nothing like Coachella:-)
    Have a great year in between!
  2. Hey I am really sorry i didn't see your message untill today... i really wasn't on the boards that often this year. I really wish i would of saw your message cuz we had a great group this year. I now feel compelled to meet you in 2013 lol. Will you be buying weekend 1 again? Cuz i will.
  3. Hey there! We did not get the chance to meet up last year but I see you are going weekend 1 this year and if you are going to be in car camping we should definitely have a beer or a toke or something! I have not been posting much but am still here and have a much smaller group this year and we are hoping we can at least get most of our vehicles in together:-) Hope to see you there this year!
  4. Hi,
    When is your group showing up at the polo fields? We are hoping to get there early on Thursday...9 or 10ish. I think this year there will be more people arriving early. We have about 30-35 in our group and 10 car camping spots, 1 car companion spot! I am so excited I can barely maintain:-)
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