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  1. Hey my name is Joe. I'm 26 year old male. I'm a total EDM fan but I like some other stuff to. I usually am in the Sahara 80% of the time. My artists I want to see the most are: Dog Blood because they are new and I like skrillex and Boyz Noise, postal service, Moby because he is always amazing live, Nicky Romero and Modestep. Also Daft Punk if they decide to show. I have a place to stay in LA so as long as we go through LA I'm good for wed. And I also got a place to stay once I'm there. I'm 420 friendly and don't mind drug use. And being drugged can suck not cool with it unless the person is I've been Roofied before and it wasn't fun. But if I know then it might be ok. My number is 415-407-4574 if you have any further questions hit me back here or text me. Thanks
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