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  1. We (like many) are looking for a camping pass… Here is our story:

    This is my 2nd year, last year we got screwed & missed half the festival, but I have been looking forward to Chella all year! My guy & his buddy wont miss Chella for anything. This year my sister moved back to CA to start over after a failed engagement, So for her bday I got her Chella tix & now her BFF from TX is coming, her new boy from Australia, & our friend from SF is coming down. None of them have been & we want to show them the FULL CHELLA EXPERIENCE!

    What we can offer is:

    *$200 Cash
    *Tons of 420 (prop 215 legal)
    *Massage from a Certified Massage Therapist
    *Production Work (Want that epic Coachella Video?!)

    Thank you so much for helping someone’s Chella dream come true!
    Send me a message if you are interested!
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