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  1. I will be needing that pass. Thanks. It will save me the trouble of parking offsite.
  2. No I don't look like Divine either

    I live in Texas actually. I got behind on my 'chella planning while preparing and doing SxSW over the past couple of months. Definitely not a thief either.
  3. depends on what kinda freak you mean. Seriously, I'll keep a good watch over the camp and hope to enjoy a few good times at the site.
  4. Will do. That is about when I planned on arriving. Just send me a PM with the number. Thanks for the help.
  5. Sounds cool. Will you be parking there? If so I'll take the offer of off site camping someone posted about. Just need to find a way to meet up. Thanks for the offer. Was hoping to tent camp, but this will definitely work.
  6. Well, I do have a car camping space weekend 1 and am also staying in a hotel. So maybe you can stand guard at the campsite at night.
  7. to Divine, sure
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