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  1. What I saw of Beirut was great, but I think that was one of the weekend's shows where it was the crowd that really made the experience great. Even great acts can sometimes flop if the crowd isn't into it.

    And yeah I stayed for all of Patton/Rahzel. I thought it was really fun and interesting, but I think they need to spend a little more time figuring out their live show and working out the kinks. It was really well done at times and seemed to not quite work at others. But overall I'm very glad I saw it. I have never been that close to Mike Patton in my life (front and center)!

    I wish I had the money/time/initiative to go to europe and see FNM like you. I hope you enjoy them and hopefully the band is just being coy right now and will end up coming to the states eventually. Fingers crossed.
  2. Awesome! It was nice to have (sort of) met you too! Beirut were incredible, weren't they? Did you stick around for any of Patton & Rahzel?
  3. Yeah, I was the blonde kid who complimented you on your shirt as I was leaving Beirut.

    Nice to have (sort of) met you.
  4. Yes, yes that I was. I am assuming you spotted me?
  5. Hey rage,

    Were you wearing a Mr. Bungle shirt on friday?
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