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  1. Byron, I think I made a really good decision today. I decided that this would be the year of the train. I'll be hauling ass through the desert on the Sunset Express, amtrak's finest serving Houston to Palm Springs. I get in to palm springs very early on Friday. I plan on getting a taxi ride from the train depot to the palm springs walmart and grabbing my supplies there. I know you don't typically offer rides on Friday, so I'd understand if you have other plans, but if you think that you could swing by and pick me up or have one of your boys give me a lift from the Wal-mart to the camp ground it would be awesome and very appreciated. I'll have all my shit together and ready ro roll as soon as you are ready on Friday. Again, if you're planning on taking a break on Friday, I'd understand and can probably catch a cab or ride with someone else.

    This year will be unbelievable.
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