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  1. Sorry for delay! I don't work at The Current; Barb accosted me on a sidewalk a few years ago because I was wearing a Coachella tshirt and we hit it off. Have had some crazy times. I love love love The Current's commitment to local music and we get out to some shows together. She helped a local band named Solid Gold tremendously in 08 and has been helping icy shores lately. Wussy was weird - fun night, liked their show but wasn't blown away. Barb left their cd in my car and now I can't stop listening to it. It's ridiculously good. I think the difference was being able to understand the lyrics better.

    It's a shame about WOXY. Good radio is important.

  2. Hey man, just saw your note about Barb, and you getting to eat dinner with her and Wussy? JEALOUS!

    I love Barb, she was my favorite WOXY DJ and I had the privilege of having her show me around the studio the first time I visited there. She was always entirely too nice and funny... still is! (I'm Facebook friends with her and we trade messages now and again)

    The day she left WOXY a big part of the station died to me. And now if it comes back without Shivvy and Mike, the other parts will be gone as well. Pretty sad.

    Wussy is great! Cool that you got to hang with them! Do you work at the Current or something?

  3. Did you know Barb when she was there? Had dinner with her and Wussy last Sat before their show in Mpls. Heard a little WOXY talk. Really liked Wussy.
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