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  1. Oh, I hope you enjoyed your holidays and fully enjoy the ones coming up! I am getting used to being apart from my family during the holidays so it is a different, but I'm doing okay. HARD sounded great for NYE. I am sure you will have a great time. I am going to be headed to the desert for the weekend and celebrating camping out there. It is going to be an interesting and very cold experience!
  2. Hope you have a happy holiday season Kylie! Plans for NYE? We're going to HARD NYE. I gotta get my Oizo fix. Cheers!
  3. Hope you had a good time at HARD!
  4. Thanks! I actually moved out to Missouri for 5 months from Pennsylvania. I've lived in Los Angeles the past two months, though. I was slowly making my way to the west coast.
  5. Oh, yeah, I recognize your previous board name. Do I recall correctly that you are from the mid-west? You've got a good sense of humor. I enjoy your posts.
  6. I've actually been on the board since March under minoguecommak. It was high time for a new moniker, but thank you for the warm welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy Saturday at HARD and I'm sure we will meet in the future.
  7. Welcome to the board! Thanks for your efforts to arrange a meet-up for HARD Haunted. Have a great time!
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