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  1. you ready for coachella son?! its comin up quick
  2. ha agreed man. they had the best show of the whole night.
  3. Dude EOTO was sick! Way to finish off 2010.
  4. Word man that sounds like a plan!
  5. ill probably be there around 9 or so. not too sure when ill get off work that night but its likely ill be off around 8 then go meet up with my friends somewhere. but yea dude ill pm you my number and we will meet up, maybe smoke a bowl or 2
  6. Cool man, I'm getting stoked for this weekend EOTO is going to straight kill it. I'm sure we'll make it for Project Aspect again he throws down at 830-930. You wanna meet around when he's playing?
  7. yea dude it was sick! but yea man im down. hit me up sometime this week and we will figure it out for friday
  8. Hey Man that Love and Light show was off the hook! Are you going to EOTO this friday? SHould be dope. Lets for sure try to hook up at that show. Would be sweet to have a Colorado crew for Coachella.
  9. oasis bar. its like off 15th and larimer or something along those lines. its free and we are gettin cheap drink specials all night. bring people and come rage. it will be fun man.
  10. Where's the show at on Thursday?
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