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  1. Right on man! Already got my tix, paid a bit more than I probably needed to for Mezz, but demand is high for that one. I scored 3rd row center in the lower balcony at The Warfield for under face though, so pretty happy about that. Heard about Chappelle and even saw a video already getting spread around of the incident hahaha. Amazing. Super stoked for these shows!

  2. Hey! I was able to get a ticket very easily off Stubhub for face value and later on even saw them drop below that. Tickets for tonight's show at the Regency are about 20 bucks right now on there as well. The show was amazing and even Dave Chappelle popped out and crowd surfed! It makes me want to hit up all the shows this week but realistically that was my last one. Work has been rough today as you could imagine. Have fun at the shows you are going to!
  3. Did you make it last night? I'm going to The Mezz and The Warfield, just wanted to hear how it was if you were able to snag a ticket.


    P.S. your PMs are full
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