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  1. Yeah dude, I'd avoid that Ralphs at most times. I only go there when absolutely necessary, even though it's easier for me to use than the Vons across the street.
  2. It's so revolting and it just feels omnipresent; inescapable. Funnily enough, the smell is at its most pungent inside the Ralph's off Vermont. Can not stop there. Okay, thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy.
  3. Ya know, I didn't really notice it last year when I moved over there, but I think that it probably is worst at the start of the summer before things rot away. Or maybe I just got used to it and don't remember. I do know that MacArthur Park always smells like garbage and urine.
  4. Question. Does this part of LA always start stinking to high hell when the weather gets hot? I've been home sick the last couple of days and the stink in K-Town near Vermont is ridiculous. Rotten garbage smell seems to be lingering all over this place. Sorry for the gross question but I think you mentioned you lived near here.
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