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  1. It's not my goddamm job to be wishing people happy birthday, but I'll be dammed that Beverly doesn't get a birthday greeting because your pissed about not getting tickets! Hope all is well:-)
  2. I swear to God/.
  3. Get back on the damm board!~ Do I need to bake a cheesecake?
  4. Uh...It's Westy's birthday today GPS. Come on man!
  5. It's all in the wording. Put on a pair of loose sweat pants and give me a call:-)
  6. Your birthday cake postings are exquisite! How do you find such yummy, and yet appropriate pastries? I'd love to eat at a bakery with you!
  7. hAPPY bIRTHDAY gps!!!
  8. Thought about contacting you this weekend. I was on the polo fields in the morning prior to going to the tamale festival.
  9. Happy 10,000 GPS!!!
  10. Good morning GPS.
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