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  1. Atlas Sound at the Natural History Museum. I'll add your phone number to my cell over the next couple of days.
  2. When is your next show? We really need to get together and rave big time. Thanks for the belated bday wish...too bad the call didnt go through :(
  3. Happy Belated Feather.

    I tried to drunk dial you last week in San Francisco but did not have your number on my cell. I landed up calling Barbara to get your number. She must have been happy to receive that call at 3AM. So drunk, forgot to ask for it and went on with my night.
  4. You are such a liar! That week you went out to Fever Ray a few days later!

    Old man yea right!

    Club Nokia, November 18th, a night to remember.

  5. You seen me huffing and puffing at Thom Yorke. I'm too old!!!

    Where is Royksopp playing?
  6. Come to Royksopp for my birthday!!! November 18th.
  7. That bracelet was actually from EDC :) Don't remember if I told you that or not...I saved it this whole time! Funny I gave it to Supre since I wasn't sure I would see you and I did the next day at Liars! I'm sure there will be many more shows ahead for you to further your bracelet collection. I will always keep dancing!!! Thanks for wearing it the next day after I scolded you :) <3

    xo feather
    AWESOME to finally meet you.
  8. Thanks for the bracelet Feather. Keep on dancing!!!
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