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  1. Son of bitch Chrissy, where the hell are you??? It's too damm quiet without you on the board.
  2. I still can't believe we did not hook up this year! I was there at VIP...could not find you. I'll pick up a new phone by next year.
  3. R U Smoking?
  4. I think I can live without the american spirits but it's the danky dank thats taking the edge off!!! I think I was probably SFGrumpy Grump on thursday & Friday...I've mellowed out a bit over the past week. Deep Breathing is my substitute...
    Holy $%^k! How will you live without the smoke? Remember to find a healthy substitute like fruit, water, or walking. Good luck to you my friend. I'll check on you later this week. Let's hope your not SFGrumpy by Saturday!
  6. The ankles are surprisingly doing much better and hardly bother me...I've even also stopped smoking for the time being...wish me luck!!! xoxoxooo
  7. Thanks Chrissy. I uploaded it this weekend. How's the ankle?
  8. OMG...when did you go animated??? I EPHING LUVE IT...SO CUTE!!! :)
  9. You are soooo WELCOME!!! I wish I could have hooked you up again later in the weekend the VIP pass came in handy when needing to use the restrooms when at the main stage. I'm glad I got to hang out with you, Sasha, Bevin, Mia & Mike...Mia actually seems like a really cool chic would love to run into her again. My ankles will survive and I'm really surprised how much of my attention was focused on them for the weekend it really impacted my ability to wander freely as I have past years. Fortunately, I have a whole year to get ready for a more successful coachella next year. And, when I got home all my lost documents were sitting in my mailbox waiting for me. 3 spare coachella tickets and bracelets!!! see ya soon...
  10. Hey Chrissy.

    Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for Friday. It was very cool hanging out with you (even though we never ate). Hpe your leg heals soon.
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