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  1. No worries. Things are well on this end. Looking forward to tonnight. I'll post some thoughts after but reviews so far are lookng like tonight should be a treat.
  2. Hey, Henry. I just checked my messages & saw that you had written something to me on 5/8 regarding Fever Ray. I don't recall if I already responded to you but if not, please don't take offense as I didn't mean to snub you. I just don't check my messages on here very frequently. In any event, hope you're doing well.
  3. I thought of you this morning when viewing the Fever Ray thread. It looks like The Captn is making plans for you to see her.
  4. We very much enjoyed your company, Henry, and hope to be able to spend time with you before next Coachella should the opportunity present itself. If you've got any connections to either the Knife or Fever Ray, make it happen! We'll be up in that LA biz like no other.
  5. Hey Rick.

    Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you both for the accomodations. I never made it to the pool but that bed was comfy.

    Again, it was a pleasure.

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