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  1. I'm caging the lion
  3. I mean it Salah! YOU HAVE TO BE THERE
  4. but youre such a swell guy for even saying that. im going to wait for the lineup and hopefully ill be able to find a way to afford it. I need to see you guys again
  5. haha, you're too nice Leo! But I wont accept that!!!
  6. whaaaaaaaa? even if I buy your ticket?
  7. I'm 90% certain I cant make it to Coachella next year :'( :'( :'(
  8. Salah are you not camping with us next year?
    I dont see your name on the paw list :(
  9. Salah where have you been!? We can finally have a beer at the beer garderns! omg Brandon got some pretty heavy use this saturday hopefully he's still ok. I know sophia will take nice care of him!
  10. oh noez! i missed your bday!! ahhh happy belated, welcome to FINALLY being 21. I heard through the grapevine that Brandon has been put to heavy use, you guys must have had tons of cake. I hope one day I can bring MY Brandon to play with YOUR Brandon, can you imagine all that whip cream??
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