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  1. Serious shit. At least Sam is bring back Pure Filth in LA :)
  2. yea dude denver gets a lot of people in the dubstep realm. the variety is starting to come back again. so over the midrange robot sex shit. neeeeeeeeed the deepness
  3. Fuckkkkkkkkkk. No love for LA :(
  4. Been to Denver twice this year already lol I had tickets to one night but decided not to go cuz I still have a little chip on my shoulder about him
  5. Damn :/
    He was here in 09 (missed it) and at this previous Beyond Wonderland. Not really here that much ha
  6. ha word hes alright, comes to denver a ton.
  7. Joker is my favorite producer and I've seen him only once so I've been dying to see him again haha
  8. Yea we do + or - a few things. I'd rather see a ton of other people than joker though.
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