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  1. Have a great time, and I resolve to be in Tinychat more.

    Not when the creepy silent dudes - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - are just in there lurking and waiting to be entertained though.
  2. :p

    It is one of those avatars for all occasions yes. Weddings, parties, meeting the parents, all occasions.
  3. And, for the record. I do not think they are pretentious wankers as I have stated MANY MANY TIMES.
  4. My avatar works well with all conversations.
  5. I was in there last night! I may come in tonight after the Arcade Fire show, too. I'm doing fairly well. I'm enjoying California for sure. How about you? We do need to catch up and have a good chat... it has been too long.
  6. I don't really care, BTW, I was just bored. Long time no chat by the way, whatchu up to, West Coast?
  7. HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The others, I understood. But... YOU!!!?!?
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