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  1. Probably not this year, unfortunately, but I won't rule myself out 100% just yet. It's shaping up to look incredible as always.
  2. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass?
  3. Word on the street has it that you have crepe-making skills. Care to fill me in on the finer nuances of French pastry-making? We're attempting crepes at our Bastille Day edition of Record Club.
  4. Huh. I think I've been seeing it the wrong way. I thought the imperative was to mope around while my heart grows cold and old.
  5. The piano part on the bridge of "Think It Over" really is nothing less than an imperative to get up and dance and go crazy.
  6. It's from a poster series. They usurped a few other famous war quotes, too, but this one was just too good. The poster's going up in my room as soon as I find a suitable frame.
  7. Thank you. The existence of other planets makes me uncomfortable as well, that guy was onto something.
  8. Much obliged, ma'am. *tips bowler*
  9. Happy birthday, sir.
  10. I didn't make it much longer than you did. Eesh.
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