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  1. Train? Nononononono!

    Go here.

    It flys from Beligham to Palm Springs. Tickets are $58.88 for a one way trip right now. Unfortunately, there are no flights back to bellingham until the following wednesday. But what you save on that flight, may make up what extra money you have to spend flying from Palm Springs to Vancouver. Or, you could make the trip out to LA, which is only a 2 hour drive, and fly from LA to Van. Flights from LA to Van are only ~$120 Canadian right now.

    Train would take way to long and would be just as expensive, if not more expensive, than flying.

    Hope that was helpful!
  2. hey there.
    I was told to contact you about coachella,
    because your canadian,
    and everyone else on this site is being an asshole.
    i am just wondering how you get to coachella?
    im travelling from vancouver, so im thinking or taking a train there,
    and then flying that a good idea?
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