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  1. unz unz unz
  2. I can hardly wait to dace so fast all over that tent.
  3. :pulse

    we get to party again together in 4 short months!! The mainstage is gunna suck, so im finally going to earn my Sahara points. Its pretty much all im thinking about
  4. Hey-hey-heeyyyy!
  5. That sounds wonderful. I'm so there! Friday is fucking packed but I'm really excited for this band
  6. Dude, White Lies were amazing live, even better than on album. His voice sounds exactly like it does on the album and they sound very tight playing together. It didn't hurt that they're incredibly good looking too. See them if you can.
  7. I'm leaving right now see to them and Friendly Fires are headlining! I'm going from total 80's down-tempo to dance party all in one show! Full report to come later this evening.... :)

  8. I'm jealous of your White Lies show. I fucking love that album
  9. God! All I said was I thought Nick Zinner was cute. But it's true, there's no way I'm Human...
  10. Definitely dancer...
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