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  1. Oh and here's my email littlerobot818@ gmail . Com
  2. Hey there! :D so I just read your thread offering a trade. This is exactly what I've been looking for! I actually made a thread in the 'passes' forum requesting a weekend 2 pass+camping for my weekend 2 pass. So i live in Glendale which is about 10 min from downtown LA. It's just me and my girlfriend who are looking for a camping spot. Well both be 22 yrs old when Coachella rolls around. I am more than willing to trade passes on Thursday in Ontario, but there's a slight dilemma. We are going to Coachella on Friday afternoon because my gf has school in the morning, so I don't think we could go in with you to the campgrounds on Thursday. We would be in a separate camping spots. This will be my 3rd Coachella and her first and I really want her to get the full experience w/camping. Let me knownif this works for you.
    Luis G.
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