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  1. Dead Weather was really really good - Jack came out on guitar for one song and I think made a baby with Alison. Stage chemistry was incredible. This was at a music club (1st Ave in Mpls) so nice setting.

    I was so excited I went home and did this dance:

    (OK why can't I get a URL to post as a link?)
  2. Wait so you saw the dead weather?? Were they incredible? Did jack white make your undies wet? He has that effect on people you know. Thank you for thinking of me <3 I definitely believe in our little connection. Dude I so wish I could afford to go to Phishfest, if I were to go you can bet your sweet ass i'll rub patchouli anywhere your little heart desires
  3. Thanks Sbessiso! You're sbecial to me. Of course I stumbled into the Phish thread and now I want to go. Did see the Dead Weather show last night and actually thought of you, so clearly we have some kinda connection going. Will you rub patchouli on my feet at Phish8?
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