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  1. big boned?
  2. whatup buttacup?
  3. heyyy
  4. Happy New Year to you too my love!!

  5. Bring your hips to me
    Oh bring your hips to me...

    Happy New Year Sbessiso!
  6. Definitely! Ill wear that tail anywhere you want me to. Answer my previous questions!
  7. I just saw Avatar 3D IMAX big screen. Would you consider wearing a tail for me?
  8. how old are you? and how husky do you like your men? :cat
  9. You want to meet me? I'm nothing special. Just a generous older guy with a penchant for husky young men who like to dance. My "bare bears" as I like to call them. Anyhooo i'm starting to get the desert fever. Must be the blizzard headed my way. Happy Holidays Sbessiso!
  10. we better meet, goddammit
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