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  1. I've been busy procrastinating lately but I will tend to your package soon.
  2. i want to get inside your head
  3. how can i guess? you're a mystery dipped in enigma shrouded in secrecy topped off with a cherry
  4. hahahahahahahahahaha you will never believe what happened today.
  5. :eek:! Did I do something?
  6. I'm not bidding on any more guitars for you.
  7. lets go private then
  8. My post count does not really qualify me for boardie meetups. I would have to be your bitch. go private?
  9. oh you know i love big bones. the bigger the better i always say. will you be part of any boardie meetups?
  10. you gotta problem with big bones sbessiso? got flying tickets to PS today!
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