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  1. Whoa weird, we were, I don't know what happened?? Friend request sent.
  2. werent we friends on fb??
  3. well I began turning the wheels and getting the ball rolling to hopefully maybe possible go to Atlanta to see this show. Its a GA venue! I want to feel Conor and JJs HEAT!!
  4. I'm sorry! I wish you had an opportunity to see them, I will try to take lots of pictures and videos. Hopefully they will play Coachella.
  5. im sorry i take it back. i heart you, i HATE Fl!
  6. i hate you! i want to see MOF so badly!!
  7. Thats good, but still no substitute! haha
  8. ahh no, im a terrible person I know. im still listening to MOF and Conor O. solo though
  9. Have you checked out any of those Bright Eyes albums yet?
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