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  1. I was going to make my avatar just Tom Servo, but decided on this one. Do you think that was a good decision? Tom Servo has always been my favorite.
  2. MST3K!!!
  3. I'm watching the "What Up With That?" sketch on SNL and it prompted me to come in here and say hello.

    What up with that?
  4. Your avatar is even more obnoxious than mine. Change yours and I'll change mine. Deal?
  5. Tommy pleeeeease change your avatar. It's so obnoxious!
  6. Hi buddy
  7. BECK
  8. I need him at Coachella. We would all have such a blast
  9. Wow that's hype. Glad it was a great time.
  10. He raped our brains and splattered them all over the place
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