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  1. Hey brat! How have you been?
  2. you bet Jazzz! I have a feeling this Coachella will be rather epic. What could possibly top last year though.
  3. Hey Pixiessp! I'm here now! I been busy with work. blah blah! (and a little bored of the board) How is it going up there? We need to meet up this year at the fest!
  4. Jazzz!!!! where are you?
  5. I have been listening to some older stuff as well Section 25, Aztec Camera,Shriekback etc. The Talk Talk dvd comes out around the end of Oct. amazon will probably be the easiest way to find it. If you lived in San Diego we could of thrown a party for the release. lol
  6. listening to a lot of my old stuff.
    rediscovering all over again.
    right now:
    Green Blue Fire-Husikesque
    Dry-PJ Harvey
    The Kick Inside-Kate Bush

    when does Talk Talk DVD come out? I'm primed. :)
  7. ahhh! The Sisterhood! The Gift. Haven't heard that record in a while. What else you been groovin too? I still need to check out Earlimart.
  8. Jazzz!!!! thanks for the heads up on the Talk Talk DVD. definitely something I will be needing. By the way I am listening to the Sisterhood right now.
  9. Hey Pixiessp! I knew we would be friends one day! Thanks :-) btw TALK TALK has a live dvd 86' coming out in a few weeks! can't wait
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