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  1. What are friends for! Enjoy!
  2. Jazzz!!!!! you are awesome!! I wasn't expecting so much music. I am ecstatic!! love the photos too. I will get Earlimart to you ASAP. thank you again!!!!! ;) and,yes! yes! yes! we will have a beer in the beer garden. you can count on that.
  3. I will be standing by my mailbox in anticipation of its arrival. :) thanks!!
  4. Hey brat! How are you? I hope to get your care package in the post by Saturday!
  5. I still can't beleive it! I hope they don't cancell. btw you should pm your adds and I will send you some music. Cheers!
  6. can you believe it!!! Throbbing Gristle!!!! I've never seen them. you'll have to school me. :)
  7. my mom is doing so much better. it's miraculous!! well....let's see. i am working a lot and not enjoying it at the moment. I have all my accomodations for Coachella taken care of and my ticket was one of my Xmas gifts. yay!! just gotta get my car in good condition before April.
  8. Hey luv! How's mom? I hope you had great holidays! as much as I love'em I'm glad there over... Jaz has been listening/buying too much music and drinking many pints but also working very very hard! What's the Pixiessp been doing? Have you made your Coachella arrangements?
  9. hey your Jazzziness! anything exciting happening with you?
  10. jazzz!!!
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