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  1. Hey BlakeG - Nice to have dates. And rule changes - the message board will have fun with this. I liked it the way it was but hey. Flights - what I usually do is fly Mpls to San Diego on Wed, get a car, spend the night in town, and take my sweet time poking around in the morning and driving up to Indio on Thursday. It's a longer drive distance wise than LAX but probably shorter timewise. I just don't want to deal with LA. Some people fly into Ontario or Palm Springs, but flights cost more and are less available. Watch your flight home too - I usually book something late in the day on Monday, around 6 p.m. Allow plenty of time. There will be lots of people discussing travel arrangements, car pooling, forming camping groups, etc over the next few months - the boards doesn't really get going until the end of January. Lots of new people join then and it changes the tone of things. Definitely take a look at the travel section of the 2009 site - lots of good info.
  2. Welcome to the board!
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