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  1. happy birthday mofo. beers in the dome next year, on me
  2. calirodo. haha nice its almost time for dnb and blunts
  3. oh word no doubt. thats tight.

    definitely down to kick it when the time comes. bowl smokin will commence
  4. Yea fashow. Thing is I aint in CO no more. I live in LA, lived in CO last year. I just was visiting at the same time as that Infected/Lotus show.

    You do seem more sane than most people on this board so ill be down to kick it when the time comes
  5. hell yea man thats good to hear. lotus puts on a pretty great show, i wouldnt mind seeing them around sunset on the outdoor. we should meet up at some show soon. next reload party is march 11th!!
  6. Yea dude I went to that shit. Had a blast. I mean im a fan of seein Infected live cuz i always just get hella dreezed and just get stupid doo doo dumb. That being said, I went to see Infected but I also have been hearing a lot of good thing about this band Lotus. Glad i got to peep them. I mean jam bands arent really my thing but their music had structure, and they just knew how to play. Infected dope as usual too.
  7. hey man did you go to lotus and infected?
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