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  1. i am calm? lmao. i was just trying to apologize but ok.
  2. (cont) but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, i'm truly sorry and i didn't mean to fuck up this entire experience for you seeing as it should have been something that was really fun and exciting. hope you'll note the sincerity in this message and forgive me. have a great weekend!
  3. (cont) i would also like to make it up to you by making you a second mix with a complete cover and note as i originally had wanted to do. and based on your preference, i can either mail it out to you again or i can just upload it in a zip onto mediafire. or if you don't want it at all, that's completely fine as well. but i really would like the chance to redeem myself with giving you a second mix.
  4. (cont) as i stated before, i was just intimidated with the way you spoke to me and even more so once i read what was being said about me in the mix thread. of course, everything that was said wasn't unwarranted and i take full responsibility for all the mistakes i made. honestly, i really do hope that you enjoy your mix once you receive it. it should be tomorrow or monday at the very latest - seeing as i live in san bruno so the transit time from here to sc shouldn't be very long.
  5. i was initially trying to send this to you in a message but i wasn't able to send it through because your inbox is completely full. then i looked for an e-mail because i didn't really want to leave this out in the open but it's all good.

    just want you to know that your mix has been sent out this week. i'll admit, your anger had intimidated me a little bit but i never thought to myself that i wasn't going to finish your mix or send it off. i know this really started off on a bad note but like i apologized to cutter and originalbob, i would like to extend a sincere apology to you as well. i don't know what i was thinking when i messaged you letting you know that i was your person. with all that said, i'm really sorry about all of this. and i apologize in advance for the passive aggressive line i left on the track list that i wrote out for you.
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