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  1. ahh, sorry, yeah. shpongle remixed is absolutely worth it. the songs are the same only in name. they're all totally reworked. or re-shpongled, if you will. also, I cleaned out my PM box >.<
  2. I am definitely yearning for the desert too, and I only live 2 hours away! YES I am definitely camping, I am co-founder of Party All Weekend group. Haha so I will make sure to find you wherever you are at camp. You have quite a travel compared to me!

    p.s. You didn't answer my question about Shpongled Remixed. Thanks <3
  3. hahaha I'm so bad at this facebook-style stuff. seeing as I won't use facebook >.< .
    I'm incredibly excited for the lineup, although I wish they'd do a discount presale before it comes out for us faithful people.
    I really hope we get someone from twisted records. shpongle, hallucinogen, ott, younger brother... any of them, even DJ sets would be awesome.
    I'm mad excited just about getting back to california, back on those fields.
    this may be a dumb question- are you camping?
  4. Lineups almost out! I'm really excited to see what we have in store for '09. Just wanted to ask if you had the Shpongle Remixed album? Is it worth a purchase?

    Thankssss Luca, see you in the Sahara.
    <3 feather

    p.s. clean out your PM's, there was no room for me :(
    p.p.s. you are supposed to respond to everyone on THEIR visitor messages, not yours!
  5. Shall we, Shpongle?
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