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  1. hhahah, well...who isnt interested in love?

    i would say it would probably take.....3. one to question the proper method, the other to tell her she was doing it wrong and would certainly fail, and the 3rd to say heyy chill i rolled us some spleezies who gives a fuck about lightbulbs???

  2. I just looked at my last message, and I can't believe I wrote that love thing. In my defense, it was like 5:00 in the morning.
  3. I don't know how I'm going to function in society either. A film degree is about as useful as an English degree, in the end. And I am kind of more interested in making music right now than I am in writing movies, so I'm kind of scared. The things that interest me? It is hard to say. I could answer by just saying art and literature and music and such, but that would be lazy. So I don't know. I suppose I could say I'm interested in love, but then I would sound like a hippie. So I guess I'll say I'm interested in exploring the world and trying to find my place in it. And, you're pretty rad, so I guess I could say that you interest me as well. This is a pretty ridiculous question but I ask it to everyone I am getting to know: how many Astrid's/Jenny's does it take to change a lightbulb?
  4. hmm well im currently trying to figure out how i am going function in a society i dont necessarily want to be a part of with a useless degree...i mostly occupy my time by being painfully analytical about every detail of existence and my place in it. in other words, doing very little.

    i suppose to fully answer your question, i will have to ask you, what do you find interesting?
  5. mhm

    So what's interesting in your life?
  6. hehe thanks <3
  7. I decided in chat yesterday that you totally rock.
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