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  1. Yes. We have portable power, beer pong table, camping tables, stoves, stereos, 4 canopys. 1 2 of us have our own tents, 2 are staying in a camper van, and another is sleeping in the back of his explorer. We have 4 sites. Where did you plan on parking your car for the weekend?
  2. Right by downtown. We just have three girls and could always meet down there? Do you guys have all the gear you need?
  3. Where in SD are you?
  4. I am meeting up with my fellow campers this weekend to hash some last minute logistics. We are all (about 5 of us) traveling from San Diego early Thursday morning. Ill see if I can help you out. You can also contact aRudeGirl here on the message board, she is from LA looking for people to camp with...she is driving by her self and my group is going to meet her in Coachella/Indio before we head into the fest.
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