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  1. Austin City Limits, here we come. I can't believe I'm finally getting your ass to Austin!

    Oh, and also.........BATS!!!
  2. Sorry I didn't get your Visitor Message until just now, Peter. You are so sweet and funny. I too enjoyed our night together at the Sheraton and can't get it out of my mind...

    Don't forget about me.

  3. Fontaine,
    It was so awesome to finally meet you at the Yeahs show last weekend! You are such a cool person and it was great to chat with you and hear your take on the music scene that you're living! I was very excited that you were outgoing and confident enough to come up and say hi after the show and then down to go get drinks at that crazy dive bar!
    You are such a beautiful lover too, and talented...I still cant stop thinking about the night we spent together at the sheraton that night...mmmmmm

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your stunning self and body and mind and the whole package. Keep me posted on what shows you're gonna be at and i'll try my best to search for you.

  4. Was soooo bored and then I looked at the first half of this Cuteness page thread. Go on, treat yourself... Love you, babe!
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