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  1. Gahh so great. Only 16 days until I can experience this for myself!!
  2. Make sure you watch the video in the GAYNGS thread (the vimeo link). I'm liking the camera angle.
  3. Are you calling me one? If so why? And what good Yiddish you have! You too are a mensch!
  4. mensch.
  5. Thank you! Yeah, Santa Cruz is well know for its Women's/Queer Studies programs so it's definitely gay enough. I actually almost applied to University of Minnesota, St. Paul cuz the city seems to be totally amazing & the out of state tuition is comparable to that of in-state UC... but it would've been a bit of a reach for me academically.
  6. congrats on school. I just spent some time on the website and I approve. It's a good size and the college system sounds cool. Beautiful campus and location too. At first I thought New York so that you really leave home but seriously that was about as far away as you could get. Santa Cruz sounds really good. yay!
  7. Why's that? Too graphic??
  8. I may not be gay enough for that thread :/
  9. *Especially No Scrubs!
  10. I'm lovin the AFFILIYATED remixes!
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