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  1. Ya know, I had the same experience with Alex Turner when I saw him in The Last Shadow Puppets. Not sure I'd go gay for the My Morning Jacket guy, but I'd certainly consider listening to more of his band's music!
  2. Answer:

    A man that, when I saw live, made me wish I was straight just so I could go gay for him.
  3. Question: Who is the furry man that is your avatar?
  4. thats hilarious. you sound like you have great parents! you also remind me a little of myself when I was in high school.
  5. SAME! My mom has been saying to me lately "...I must have given birth to a black woman!"
  6. you are too too too funny! Girlfriends is hilarious!!!! Im really a sassy black momma trapped in this body

  7. hopefully this works... if not, i'll post an image on the gayonly thread...

  8. Girlfriends4life. This is from a TV show on BET (my favorite network)! I'll certainly make more of an effort to try out tinychat and meet more people... hopefully non of the old-timers will have issues with a new sprite getting in on the fun!
  9. Yes it was!! Come into tinychat more, its not always fun but sometimes its genuinely entertaining. I hope we can meet at coachella and be girlfriends!
  10. Hi Salah. It was nice tinychatting with you that one time... I only figured out how to respond to your "senile" comment now...
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