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  1. Tom. That is amazing. Did you take pictures of yourself on the street? I totally would have pulled the ultimate dorky moment and found someone to pose with me.
  2. hey courtney. Washington was OK. didn't do anything real fun. However, at this conference I was at, I ran into an old friend whom i hadn't seen in years and years. so that was very cool.

    I was in NYC this past week, and that was better, I had a lot of good meals, including one in a restaurant whose building appears on the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. We're sitting at the bar waiting for our table and I'm chatting with the bartender and I commented that they have good taste in music. (cool, mostly acoustic stuff -- Dylan, Sea Change-era Beck, Elliott Smith, the National) and she shows me the cover of TFBD hanging above the bar and shows me which building we were sitting in at that moment. I -- being the total goofball I am about these things.. ran out of the bar and into the middle of the street to get a good look. just like on the cover.
  3. Dear Mr. Az, Thank you kindly for your friendship. I hope you enjoyed your recent trip to Washington. Were you able to squeeze in anything for leisure? Warm regards, Courtney
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