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  1. Thanks, mister!
  2. Happy Birthday girlfriend!!!!!!!!
  3. Not at all. I appreciate your candor. Just be safe!
  4. Sorry didnt mean to get a little TMI!
  5. Yikes dude! Wasn't suggesting anything unsafe. Glad you're on a better path.
  6. No, I had to cut back. If I gave into my urges I would have AIDS right now. Sad but true
  7. Fuck that. Heteronormativity sucks. Do what you want to, man. You're 22, right? You can take up that resolution on December 31, 2019.
  8. oh god its true too. My new years resolution was to stop being a manho
  9. Aw. Thanks. And you're like the resident slag. ; )
  10. You're like the den mother right now
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