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  1. Why are you barfing on NIN? How can you not like them
  2. No problem. I was beginning to get worried though as I gathered from your EFF Christmas and other people (in chat) that it was/will not be a merry Christmas for you. I hope you had a great one.

    Yeah, you, Matt, feather, MP, ally, Calmer, algunz, Boourns, captncrzy, Erik and many others are some of my top favorites in this board.

    Bye for now ... HAPPY NEW YEAR! *I'll be back next year ... my Euro trip will start in January*

    Arman aka "idrive1life"
  3. Merry Post EFF Christmas, Salah! No birthday love to me? :(
  4. No worries. Cheers!

    Yeah, I forgot about those polls. All I know is I'm losing. I even voted against my picture since it's up vs. my top favorite in the contest.

    God bless you too, Salah!
  5. Salah/sbessiso,


    Check your PM.
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