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  1. Hey! So I am finally alive again. I was soooooooooo sick and weak when you called. All I could do was cry.
    Anji has a little charge on her phone, and broke her charger in line to check in to the hotel, so I am trying to get my hazy head around how to get a hold of the people who found my phone. It would be great to talk to you and get the scoop.
    You can call Anji you have her number.
    You can call the hotel: MGM Grand Las Vegas- 702- 891-1111 room 27-111.
    You can email or fb:
    I'm bummed I missed your departure yesterday. We had breakfast at Sloan's after packing up, had one last funny adventure before parting ways. You were missed. I hope you got home safely. I'm so grateful you decided to hang with us. You are a gem, and a great addition to the crew. Thank you!!

    Thanks Dave!
  2. I'm so glad this is working out!!!
    I have one maybe even two that need your spots. And I'm soooo glad to have another older vet with us! Thanks! my number: 801-971-1527
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