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  1. So excited! If you get there early and eat or drink at the place next door, you get let in first. :)
  2. I'm excited to see Spirtualized at the belly up.Happy to see your going to be there.
  3. Wow your seeing of Montreal! ! I thought you didn't like them.
  4. I'm pretty bum that your not going to coachella.
  5. Yeah man, the 4-pack was the price of 3 of the shows, so I figured why not?
  6. That's pretty fucking awesome that your going to all four melvins shows.
  7. I got that next on netflicks , I'll tell you what i think.
  8. Antoine from The 400 Blows.
  9. what is your avatar???
  10. Thom Thom
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