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  1. If you like those songs, check out "Just Breathe" from Pearl Jam's new album Backspacer. It's very Into the Wild-like, I think you'll dig it. :)
  2. i will say this, im watching Into The Wild for the first time and EV's solo songs are really quite good. I guess cuz it sounds nothing like PJ

    and fuck you!
  3. whoa whoa that really didn't need a fuck you. i know they're not your thing, but seriously give them a chance. they're an incredible live band.
  4. fuck you i hate pearl jam and they have no business at glasto!!!!!!
  5. WORST AVATAR EVER!!!!!!!!
  6. I saw their first couple songs at Bonnaroo. Me and my friends ran away fast BUT wanna know the truth? I would like to have stayed and catch more but I was on some lsd and it just wasnt in the cards. Jack Johnson played before and his set took a lot out of me
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